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Food Bait Pop Ups


A pop up that is packed with the natural powder attractors of our basemixes and boosted with

the same liquids used in our boilie range.


Come in a range of sizes to compliment your angling situation.


A very traditional homemade type of bait which has been catching carp for 20 years.


A combination of bird foods, milk proteins, cereal proteins, various human grade spices and a

meat type extract are complimented by low levels of ASM flavour creating a very unique bait with a pungent aroma. The balanced combination of ingredients have created a bait that not only do the carp find irresistible, it is also highly digestible and nutritional for them.


ASM Foodbait Cork Dust Pop ups

  • We do not accept returns of bait that has been opened or partly used. Any issues/problems must be made the day delivery has been accepted.

  • Allow up to 7 working days (peak times) for freezer bait. Also be aware we only ship frozen bait on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Key Bait Solutions uses APC for parcels for next day deliveries. Delivery charges are automatically calculated at checkout.

    Please remember that goods may need to be signed for, so please make sure someone is available at the delivery address. Key Baits Solutions will not accept any responsibility for any 'freshness' issues if no-one is available to sign for the goods.

    Goods can be delivered to an alternative address or 'safe place' such as a garage/shed/porch etc, however the recipient must accept full responsibility for the goods if you choose this option.

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