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About Us

Although a fairly young company ( Jan14)  we’ve been making carp baits for ourselves & close friends for a long time,early 1980 s.

Our aim is to provide the carp with a food source that is extremely tasty & highly digestible,we feel these are two of the most important

aspects of ” the carp bait puzzle ”


With many people making bait we know how competitive the market is ,and it’s not just value for money,but confidence whilst your angling.

While cost is always vital to take into consideration,we want you to be using our baits,with our over 70 years of working in the food industry,

knowing Key Bait Solutions has that little bit more than conventional bait companies.


We make our baits ” for the carp that can taste the difference” giving you hopefully those extra bites a session or a season angling for those

rarely caught specimens. We’ve both & close friends have really caught some astonishing fish along the way.(Savay,elstow,st Ives to name a few) 

Here’s your opportunity to use brought bait you’d of made yourselves, quality ingredients & spices, many human grade,developed for confidence,

letting you worry about location / presentation.

Long term baiting campaigns or short day session angling ,we feel we have it covered.

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