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Meet The Team


Richard Cox - Co Owner

With starting carp fishing in the late 80s I've been very fortunate to meet some wonderful friends and incredible anglers over the years . I've been able to share there success as well as they sharing mine. One of those friends was Scott in the mid 90s who inspired my angling and helped me from a personal prospective to catch big carp and use home made baits. The ethos of using as many natural attractors in a bait as possible and making it highly digestible was essential. The importance of having confidence in your bait give you more energy to put into the rest of your angling is critical, i've been a lucky one who has never questioned my bait.From this key baits grew and from a few friends using the bait with incredible results up and down the country it became the company it is today. 

We'll since those days I've be fortunate to fish some iconic waters like savay to my present day syndicates that are just incredible waters and have been blessed to catch some wonderful carp. 
On that note, go and enjoy your angling. 

scott 1.jpg

Scott Rodgers - Co Owner

Hi I'm co owner of Key Bait Solutions .

I've carp fished since 1981 , making my own baits back tgen as i do nowdays .

To date I've had 23 x 40lb plus uk carp to over 51lb & to over 71lb in France. 

I tend to fish syndicate lakes catching good fish over the years from Savay ,

Elstow , Bundys amongst over venues . 

Key Baits Solutions is the passion which goes hand in hand with the actual angling,

its a satisfied feeling ,helping other less experienced anglers along the way.  


Lee Brooks - Team Member

Overseas PB : 63lb 10oz

Favourite Venue : Cassien 

Carp Fished For 20 Years

I've been fishing since i was 10 years old, and it wasn't till I reached my late teens that I started fishing soley for carp in and around the Nottingham area whether it be a park lake, local nature reserve, or my local river (the River Trent).

I've been using Keybaits Solutions for some time now , and the results speak for
themselves. A very good bait that catches fish all over, and has my full confidence when out

on the bank.

Martin Wassell.jpg

Martin Wassell - Team Member

Hi I have been carp fishing for around 33 years in that time I have been lucky to fish a lot of good waters and catch some stunning fish. The picture included is my UK pb and the end of a 3 year quest for this fish, its from a large low stocked nene valley water called Mary's and weighed 58.13. Caught on the twisted peach. I have been using keyboard solutions products ever since they have been trading. Even long before then I was using what is now known as the maxi fish.. I have caught 26 UK 40s in my angling career  and can honestly say that apart from a couple of fish caught on maggots or tigers all my 40s and other fish have been caught either on asm, twisted peach or maxi fish which I have 100% confidence in all.. my foreign pb is a 56 mirror but I don't fish abroad very often... even though the Mary's fish is my pb the most memorable capture must be the twin at 42 lb from Elstow 2 in 2000. It was the first 40 I had targeted and back then there wasn't so many 40s around and Elstow was a very low stocked and hard water to fish with the depths, snags and those horrible clay banks but I loved every minute of my 2 years on there. I hope this gives you a little insight into my angling regards Martin Wassell

andrew fradsham 2.jpeg

Andrew Fradsham - Team Member

I've been a carp angler for around 20 years started Using  KeyBait Solutions in 2017 on lake in Nottinghamshire, the fish in there have never seen the ASM, started baiting hard and the fish was loving the suff. When I told couple close friends on there I was using ASM  and they needed to use it, instantly  there catch rate massively improved, I ended up having all the A team from there, with the main fish being 42lb Common,  moved onto Acton Burnell Syndicate with the ASM and absolutely smashed the place in the first year with 4x40s and 9x30s. Currently now using the Twisted Peach

andy mulholland.jpeg

Andy Mulholland - Team Member


Name..Andy Mulholland 


Uk PB…52.6

Euro PB…66.4

Started regularly carp fishing only 43 years ago!!!! (Christ!!!)

Here’s just one of a stack of quality fish I’ve caught since joining the Team @ KBS. The mighty “Ottered” from Acton Burnell @ 45.10.

Couple of things I’ve noticed since using the bait. Firstly it seems to get you the odd “extra” bite when you’re really “scratching” and secondly the ASM has an uncanny knack of knocking out the bigger fish in your chosen venue. My “go to” approach is a reasonable size spread of ASM/Twisted Peach split roughly 70/30 and a “match the hatch” wafter over the Top. Simple but effective!! Whenever I arrive at the lake now I do so with the upmost confidence in my bait. 


Martyn Lowe - Team Member

Since using the key baitsolutions boilies my fishing has changed for the better and I have not looked back. I have been using the bait since not long after the company pretty much started some 7/8 years ago.  I can honestly say its the best bait I've used accounting for all my PBS. I am particularly fond of the ASM on which I have had plenty of mirrors to 45lb and commons to 42lb.

It also accounted for a French PB of 61lb and a import PB of 71lb. 

I have been carp fishing for 25 years now and to date I've had 107 30lb plus English fish and more than half of these were caught on the ASM. I have used the bait on waters such as the Folly where I had most of the A -Team and on many other waters such as Monks, Bundys, Little Irchester and Roman at Stanwick.  The best catch I had on the ASM was on Roman one spring where I had about 10 thirties and a 41lb common in the same session. I have recently settled on the Little Irchester syndicate in particular the Car Park lake which although tricky I have done well this spring and its probably my most favourite of all fishing complexes.


Steven Hendry - Team Member

I am Steve Hendry, I've been carp fishing for around 40 years.My UK pb is 52 lb caught on maxi nut ,I've used Key bait's since they started . Using ASM or Maxi nut both outstanding bait's.

2 catches I will never forget where the first ever brace of 40 s for Horton Church lake and also catching the famous Shoulders also for Horton. Fantastic bait's.

adam honeyset.jpeg

Adam Honeyset - Team Member

The bait speaks for itself, I have been fortunate enough to of caught fish to over 50lb on the ASM among many other big carp, I have been carp fishing since I was around 15 years old, my uk Pb is 51.12 - Overseas Pb from my only ever trip overseas is 54.14, my favourite venue is Barden Lake Tonbridge, My most memorable capture was of Essex Manors Stella just me, 1 rod on its back under a willow tree with bait lowered in the edge!


Jon Tosh Flavell - Team Member


Carp Fishing  40 years

UK PB   44.08

Used Key bait solutions baits now for a few years and like to switch between the range as I have full confidence that no matter what I use if will always produce the end game ! 


Mark Jenkinson - Team Member

I’ve been fishing since the age of 6 starting on the local canals and rivers , my first encounter with carp was when I was 17/18 and since then my journey has been one full of travel and searching . I juggle my work / fishing / life balance like everyone else . Still as eager for a night on bank after 40 years of fishing.

adam dawes.JPG

Adam Dawes - Team Member

Hi there I’m Adam Dawes and here’s a little bit about me and my thoughts on some of the products Key Bait Solutions has to offer.


My carp fishing started mainly on the river Trent in my early 20’s. Since then I’ve joined some syndicates, not what you’d call “big fish” waters but hold very old wicked looking stock. 


Since joining the Key bait Solutions team I can honestly say it’s added another string to my bow. This being the fact that I’ve become so confident in the bait. This I find is such a huge part of anyone’s angling! 


I’ve actually caught on all four of the baits that they produce. But I must say strictly from spring to late autumn the Maxi Fish is the one for me. I’ve caught on every lake I’ve been to with this particular bait. I’ve also used Asm to good effect. However, I often jokingly say to folk “it’s too easy with asm” as that stuff is devastatingly good!! 


In the near future I am going to be moving to a couple of bigger fish waters. Having this bait company behind me can only lead to more success!


Paul Heseltine - Team Member

Paul Heseltine


Location: Retford/Nottinghamshire

Current UK PB 70lb 8oz

Well these days i'm all out big carp angler chasing them big monsters is what really get’s my knees knocking and the adrenaline pumping. I have been very fortunate to put myself onto some great waters in the UK and put myself into a good position to land some phenomenal carp I was recently nominated for carp angler of the year by angling times which is a great achievement in itself and I’m no full timer I work full time and have a busy family life married with four boys but I do manage two sessions each month for 48hrs so making the most of them sessions is paramount always 100% effort in my angling I’m also very media savvy and you can follow my angling over on my youtube channel Cast A Line Heseltine where my Passion For Big Carp series document my angling. I know many of people say this but confidence in the bait you’re using and what you’re doing really does make all the difference when approaching these hard big fish waters.

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